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Wheel Cleaning 101: What works best for brake dust??

How is it done? How did you do that? looks like brand new again!!! What did you use? The settled brake dust and grime can be quite the task, especially when left for long periods of time. And lets face it: the car wash and DIYers can't always get results worth noticing. What do I use? It's ok.. I'll tell you. Nobody else probably will, but it's not always about the product, but the "technique." I use acid-based wheel cleaner, the "purple stuff." It melts and cuts away at build-up and grime. But it's not for the average Joe to handle - there's certain surfaces, wheel types, temperatures, and length of time to leave it on. Incorrect usage can result in PERMANENT damage to wheels resulting in cloudiness, stripping of clear coat, and color changing. Consult a professional detailer that knows how to get optimum results with superior products. Remember, it's not always WHAT you use, but HOW you use it. Strategy & technique!!! This is where skill is born!

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