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A day of sports car detailing!!

Today was Monday. I woke up energized and didn't even spill my coffee in my lap. The kids were dropped off at school and continued my daily routine of preparing for the day. The week has had a slow-rolling start, but I'm not discouraged! I loaded up my clean microfiber towels, filled up my Meguiars' detailing spray bottles, packed my lunch, and oh coffee. Extra strong. 3 cars on the books today - and they were conveniently all within a mile of each other and that NEVER happens. The air was crisp, clean, and felt like October. I started off with a maintenance wash on a Kia Stinger. What an incredible car. Then one of my original regulars, Kim, whom I've accommodated her many moves. Her first job, then her home, and now her new job. I'll be there. That's the red Mustang convertible that's made several cameo appearances in my posts over the last 2 years. And lastly, a new client who resembles "Bumble Bee" from Transformers, a canary yellow with black stripe Camaro. All in a days work, I made it home for a quick nap before picking up the kids. Here I am, post-dinner, a Costco trip down, and now on my second-wind as I unwind from the day. Back at it again tomorrow! See you in Treasure Island!

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