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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

Billing & Pricing

Find The Best Package For Your Budget

Payments Accepted

I accept cash, personal checks, business checks, and all major credit cards. You may also prepay by request using credit card or PayPal services. Gift Certificates are also available in any increment and will be applied to your selected package (No cash back or change given). And heck, I'm always down for a good ol' barter or service trade!!

Cancellation Policy

Trust me, NOBODY likes a cancellation!!! But I understand things happen and things come up (I have 2 kids) me I get it! But, PLEASE do me a solid and give m AT LEAST a 24-hour notice so I can hopefully fill your spot with another paying client. Otherwise, that projected income then becomes idle hands of the devils playground...

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!! How could it not be? That's just bad business. I love what I do and I aim to please. I love to see the reaction of your face when you come out see the finished results. And my OCD...that's in YOUR favor and MY disadvantage because I end up spending too much time on your car than I intended. Then I'm gonna speed to get to daycare on-time so I don't get charged $5 per minute I'm late picking up my demon child daughter that's 10 months going on 12 years old. I just got  WAY of subject here, sorry for my rant! Yes, satisfaction guaranteed. I'f you're not happy, let's negotiate. I'm reasonable. Let's make YOUR money and MY time meet in the middle somewhere so we're both happy. As I may be a skilled detailer, I am far from a miracle worker or a magician (those services cost extra.)

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